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CHENZA Wooden Puzzles Jigsaw Super Special SALE Selling rankings held Puzzle Adults for

CHENZA Wooden Puzzles, Jigsaw Puzzles for Adults, Jigsaw Puzzle


CHENZA Wooden Puzzles, Jigsaw Puzzles for Adults, Jigsaw Puzzle


Product description


Product Name: Wooden Puzzle for Adult Children
Dimension: 20 x 15 inches/30 x 20 inches/35 x 22inches/42 X 30 inches
Number of Pieces :520/1000/1500/2000 pieces

Puzzle introduction:
1. Prepare a piece of cardboard slightly larger than the finished size of the puzzle (for example: large posters, yoga mats, etc., do not use newspapers). Before the combination of the puzzle, pad it at the bottom, so as to move and collect it in the process of combination, and prevent the scattering and loss of the puzzle.
2. For most of the puzzles, the traditional method is to break them up into parts and break them down individually. When the puzzle is disassembled, the reference pictures on the reference box shall be roughly sorted into pieces of the same color system first, and the pieces with straight lines on the edges shall be selected at the same time. The four sides of the picture shall be spliced first, and then the pieces in the middle of the picture shall be spliced step by step. The local patterns with sharp contrast in the patterns and colors shall be spliced first, then the areas of the same color system shall be spliced, and finally the scattered pieces of the puzzle left shall be spliced.
3. When splicing and combining, if the parts of the puzzle can not fit tightly, or there is a difference in color (especially when dealing with the same color system picture, more attention should be paid), do not force the combination, and then take some time to find out the right matching pieces

How to build a mosaic of the same color system:

1. Look at the pattern and pattern of the collage. It's not easy to make do with it. Otherwise, we will find mistakes in the near completion stage, and we will have to find them one by one.
2. Look at the shape of the puzzle. Almost every puzzle has some hard to spell areas. As Conan, a detective, said, "there is only one truth." the key to solving the case is not to let go of every d

CHENZA Wooden Puzzles, Jigsaw Puzzles for Adults, Jigsaw Puzzle

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